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Children painting pottery at a workshop organized by the International Children's Day in T


Main Place Ceramics: We'll Paint a Smile on Your Face!

Main Place Ceramics is a Ceramic Painting & Design Studio in Cushing, Oklahoma. Celebrating 30+ years of sharing the joy of painting ceramics & teaching people of all ages to create ceramic masterpieces.

Our owner, operator, & primary ceramics painting instructor

Mrs. Bennie Reed has a true passion and vision for bringing the joy of ceramic creativity to everyone she meets. Bennie believes that the benefits of painting ceramics goes further than just making your own personal creative masterpiece- she believes that painting and making art is good for the mind and soul

Bennie also believes that bringing people together to paint ceramics creates connection, conversation & quality time with those we care about- something we need in this world more than ever. 

Main Place Ceramics has become the premier place in this region of Oklahoma for learning new painting and ceramic crafting skills. Call us today to make a reservation and get started with your own ceramic creation!

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